Accessing Token Flow data on Snowflake

An overview of how to get started with Token Flow data on Snowflake


Snowflake is our main data warehouse where we make full histories and smaller datasets available to our users.
With Snowflake you pay for computation you use, and for storage of any data in your own account. You do not pay for storage of the data that is shared by us.
This page gives a short overview of signing up for Snowflake and accessing our data.
There are three sections to this guide:
  1. 1.
    Signing up to Snowflake (go straight to the next section if you already have an account)
  2. 2.
    Access our data in the Snowflake Data Marketplace
  3. 3.
    Using the data when you have it mounted from the Data Marketplace

If you are new to Snowflake

If you are new to Snowflake you will need to sign up before being able to access the Snowflake Data Marketplace.
The easiest way to start is by following one of our listings (e.g. raw Ethereum data) which will start the sign-up process.
To sign up for Snowflake you will need the following information:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Company / Organization
  • Cloud service and zone (if you don't have one already you can set up with AWS or GCP during onboarding - please do not choose Azure since we do not currently support it)
In full transparency there are quite a few steps to walk through, but a few nice features to bear in mind:
  • You get a 30 day free trial where both storage and computation costs are covered
  • You don't need to add a credit card during the trial
  • There are lots of links to Snowflake "getting started" and full documentation and videos as you sign up Snowflake introductions
Once you're set up then you can go to the Marketplace and request access to our data (see the section on using the marketplace here).

If you have a Snowflake account

If you already have a Snowflake account, then access is straightforward:

1. Find the listing you are interested in

Go to our company profile in the Snowflake Data Marketplace and you will see all datasets that are available to you:
When you click on a listing it will give you information about what is included, what needs it meets, usage examples and also the pricing, terms and available regions:

2. Request access

Choose the data set that you are interested in and request it as usual.
Please note that we currently only replicate our datasets to AWS and GCP regions. Azure is not currently supported.
Our Raw and sample data sets are provided freely for non-commercial use cases, with attribution where the data is used, and without redistribution rights (see our Terms of Service for more information).
Decoded and higher level contextualized datasets will show and subscription fee that is due for access to the data. Sign-up, billing and payment is handled through the Marketplace and Stripe.

When you have access to our listings

When you have access to our data you can:
  1. 1.
    Write queries directly in the Snowflake editor
  2. 2.
    Join with existing tables in your own Snowflake account
  3. 3.
    Connect Snowflake to an analytics tool directly. A list of some of the tools the team has trialled is here
  4. 4.
    Use Snowflake like any other cloud database
Please note that any shared data is read-only.
A short less-technical user guide on how to use our data is available here.
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