3rd party analytics tools

Short summary of various analytics tools to use with Token Flow data and Snowflake.

A number of analytics tools work out of the box with Snowflake data, and allow users to create simple analytics, visualizations and full data apps.

Once you have your Snowflake Data Marketplace access and have mounted the requested Token Flow data, the following tools will all integrate in a few clicks and allow you quickly to build on top of Token Flow data:


Hex is a notebook similar to Jupyter that allows both SQL and Python cells. Outputs from one cell can be used downstream by other cells, allowing SQL and Python to be combined in one notebook.

It is extremely flexible and powerful and allows users to create both notebooks and public data apps.

It is possible to embed cells or apps into other websites.

The have a number of hosted pricing levels, including a free community plan.

Website: https://hex.tech/

​Docs: https://learn.hex.tech/docs

Snowflake integration instructions: https://learn.hex.tech/docs/connect-to-data/data-connections/overview#add-a-new-connection

Embedding instructions: https://learn.hex.tech/docs/sharing/embedding#embed-a-cell


Metabase is a no-to-low code analytics platform that uses a "Question" model to generate SQL queries based on drop downs for less technical users, as well as having a SQL editor for more SQL proficient users.

It is possible to embed cards or dashboards into other websites.

The have a number of hosted pricing levels, but no free community plan.

There is, however the option to self-host an open source version.

Website: https://www.metabase.com/

Docs: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/

Snowflake integration instructions: https://www.metabase.com/data_sources/snowflake

​Embedding instructions: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/api/embed.html


Streamlit is an extremely powerful data app builder. It can produce sophisticated and shareable data apps extremely quickly. With Streamlit Cloud you can deploy and update data apps directly from their GitHub repo.

The downside for less technical users is that Streamlit requires Python skills unlike some of the other analytics tools listed in this section which can be used with SQL alone.

Streamlit was recently acquired by Snowflake, so integration is expected to continue to be straightforward.

Website: https://streamlit.io/

Docs: https://docs.streamlit.io/

Snowflake integration instructions: https://docs.streamlit.io/knowledge-base/tutorials/databases/snowflake

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