Snowflake access guide


Token Flow blockchain data is available Snowflake.

Select one of the public listings from the Snowflake Data Marketplace or get in touch for a customised offer.

As we are transitioning to a stable product, our data sets will no longer be available as free beta starting 10th October 2023.

Besides the cost of the data set, you will have additional cost on you Snowflake account. This includes:

  • Snowflake computation cost (variable depending on the queries you run and the warehouse size you chose)

  • Snowflake storage cost for any data stored in your own account. You will not pay for storage of the data shared by Token Flow.

There are three sections to this guide:

  1. Signing up to Snowflake (skip this section if you already have an account)

  2. Accessing Token Flow data via Snowflake Data Marketplace

Signing up to Snowflake

If you are new to Snowflake, you will need to sign up before being able to access Token Flow data. Start the signup process here.

We recommend choosing AWS - US East (Northern Virginia).

Other AWS and GCP regions supported. Azure is not currently supported.

Once you're set up then you can go to the Snowflake Marketplace, look for Token Flow or one of our datasets (i.e. Ethereum). Otherwise just click this link.

Accessing Token Flow data

Demo Datasets

  • Get access one of the free demo datasets available. For example Ethereum Data Warehouse - Demo. This dataset that covers 7 days history of Ethereum Data Warehouse, both core and business data, allowing you to explore the breadth and depth of our Ethereum Data.

  • (Optional) Customize options on the database in your account such as:

    • Database name (default it is set to the listing name in the Marketplace)

    • Roles (default ACCOUNTADMIN)

Full Data Product

  • If you have previous used one of the demo datasets, go to the Marketplace listing and click on Request Full Product and fill in the form.

  • If you have not used a listing before, just provide us with your Snowflake account identifier.

  • Following your request, we'll provide you with payment details. Once payment has been processed, you'll see the listing in your account. Click Get as you would with any other listing.

Using Token Flow data

Once you have access to our data you can use it as you would any other database.

  • Use Snowsight - The Snowflake Web Interface to write queries and visualize results directly in your browser. You will be able to use Token Flow data on its own or joining with any other data sets that you already have in your own account.

  • Connect Snowflake to an analytics tool directly (we have tested some so you don't have to)

  • Use Snowflake like any other cloud database and connect it to your existing ecosystem.

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