What is Token Flow Studio?

Token Flow Studio (TFS) is a web-based SQL editor, providing developers with a direct and uncomplicated means to interact with intricate blockchain data. Eliminating the complexities of additional subscriptions and intricate setups, TFS offers a seamless experience for users to delve into detailed data sets, including tables such as calls with traces, state diffs, and storage diffs—formerly exclusive to Token Flow datasets. Whether you're an experienced developer or new to blockchain, TFS simplifies your exploration of these nuanced data sets, enhancing your analytical capabilities within a user-friendly interface.

Usability Highlights

  • Explore Blockchain Data: Access real-time data from various blockchains through our Multi Chain Data Warehouse (MCDW).

  • Query with Standard SQL: Write custom queries or use predefined ones for seamless data retrieval.

  • Create Clear Visualizations: Generate interactive charts and graphs to interpret your query results.

  • Collaborate with Dashboards: (Upcoming Feature) Collaborate on dashboards to present and share insights with your team.

Token Flow Studio leverages the Multi Chain Data Warehouse (MCDW), offering a unified and human-readable format for indexed and decoded data. With tables covering blocks, transactions, events, calls, messages, storage_diffs, and state_diffs, you have comprehensive access to the history of different chains.

Hands-on Examples

Check out our guide for practical examples, including querying token balances, retrieving Uniswap v3 prices, exploring yield-bearing contracts, and examining market maker positions. Each example demonstrates the power of TFS and how to leverage storage_diffs for insightful analyses.

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